***Book signings will take place in the childrens room following each panel and workshop***

10:00-10:05 Welcome and Poem by Derry Poet Laureate Robert Crawford

10:05-10:50 Rejection, Reviews, Resilience: Publication and Beyond–Moderator: Erin E. Moulton Panelists: Virginia MacGregor, Lisa Bunker, Marty Kelly, Cori McCarthy

Are you ready to make the leap into pursuing publication? Come and find out what it takes. We’ll hear from four amazing authors who’ve followed their dreams, and we’ll hear about the publishing process from first submission to first bad reviews.

11:10-11:55 Publish Your Poetry: Robert Crawford

How do you publish your poetry? Join Derry’s Poet Laureate, Robert Crawford, for a lecture on the ins-and-outs of poetry publication.

12:05-12:55 Lunch

12:55-1:40 Writing for Young Readers–Moderator: Adi Rule, Panelists: Lita Judge, Lisa Griffin, Amy Rose Capetta

If you’ve got a childrens book tucked away in a drawer, this is the panel for you. Come and find out about the writing, illustrating, wonderous-book-making journeys of these fabulous authors. Find out where their story ideas come from, how they pursued publication, what impact they’ve had on kids and what they’re working on next. Bring questions about your own work that we can tackle toward the end!

2:00-2:45 Platform Building/Marketing Mojo–Moderator: Erin Moulton, Panelists: Paul Durham, Dan Szczesny, Erin Bowman

Once you’ve published your work, what will you do with it? How do you build a career? Join these indie and traditionally published authors to have a close look at all the facets of the job. Is it all writing and being eccentric, or do authors occasionally have to leave their small offices, closets and chicken coops to become well known?

3-3:45 Publishing Options: Choosing Your Path with Dale Phillips and Ursula Wong

Whether you are writing a novel or have already finished one, spend a few hours with us reviewing the spectrum of publishing solutions available for your book. We’ll discuss the pros and pitfalls of traditional publishing, small press, partnering with collectives, vanity press, and “do it yourself” options. Manuscript readiness, editing, contracts, revenue, and what writers can expect from each solution will be included in the comparisons. Finally, we’ll touch on goals and how to decide the best solution for your book.

3:45 Closing Remarks

Water Street Books will be selling books in the children’s room for the entire day!

***Book signings will take place in the childrens room following each panel and workshop***